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Tegatech announces global launch of TEGA v2 – October 12



For those of you interested in the TEGA v2, but concerned about getting one outside of Australia, home of Tegatech, the company has announced it will be available in North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand on October 12th.

TEGA v2 will be launched globally on 12th of October in North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

It is with much excitement and anticipation that Tegatech share with you some details of the upcoming release of TEGA v2. With capacitive multi-touch screen, built-in 3G, accelerometers to register rotation and approximately 5hrs battery life. The TEGA v2 will impress greatly when coupled with Windows 7 and will be available from October onwards.

Yep, ready or not, there’s a new Windows 7 slate on the way in less than two weeks (or Tablet PC or whatever you want to call it; I’m thinking of it as a UMPC). No additional info on its Android side, but we’ll find out soon.

Oh, and for you folks in Australia who weren’t sweating the availability, you’ll get to see it early on the Kerri Anne Show on October 4th.



  1. Frank

    10/01/2010 at 7:11 am

    This device is a joke, the same with the website:
    1. The comparison between iPad and the Tega v2 is plain wrong!
    Memory: ‘not included’, such a garbage. Sure, it does not have SO-DIMMS, but is has normal memory. Graphics: Not included. Sure, that’s why the iPad doesn’t have a display. Is this a joke? The iPad has a graphics card, a pretty fast one. And 200MHz on the Tega v2 side? What are 200MHz, the Graphic ram speed, the core speed and what does this mean? NOTHING! Security: What do they mean with it? Virus? Sorry, but there’s Win 7 worse. What else?
    2. 1080p. That a lie! The integrated Intel GPU doesn’t physically support such high resolutions. And I doubt that the GPU is able to handle 1080p content at all. (There’s a reason other manufacturers include dedicated chips or use ION or other GPUs)
    3. Display/Touchscreen: The Tega v2 uses a cheap, let’s say no-name, display. Nothing comparable to current real AFFS+ tablet PC displays nor to the IPS iPad display. (viewing angles, brightness) Is it LED at all? It’s a cheap, low resolution display, using a cheap capacitive touchscreen (Hannstar) I don’t expect good driver support. Because of the lack of an active digitizers it’s also not a tablet PC, rather a multimedia tablet, but not a Tablet PC.
    4. Android support: Official Android does not run on x86 processors. There’s a port, but that’s a project, and I don’t think Tegatech is involved in this project and will be able to solve problems related to it. So not really a feature because other PCs also have such a ‘feature’.
    5. Like other Tegatech products it will be overpriced.

    So all in all, better throw your money out of the window, then you’ve don’t lost your precious time too.

    • TheOtherWhiteGuy

      10/04/2010 at 11:31 am

      You speak as if everything you are saying is based on facts. And you sound like a grouch.

  2. Jeremy

    10/03/2010 at 11:10 pm

    Hugo has thought of everything with this one.

    Crtl-Alt-Del “Security Button” so it can join a domain (any other tablet cannot login without a USB keyboard, because if Windows detects it is a tablet form factor, it disables Crtl-Alt-Del from the onscreen keyboard at login and requests that you hit the security button on the chassis – if there isn’t one you cannot log in). Anything without the security button in the slate space is simply not a domain-joinable machine – unless you want to use a USB keyboard every time you hit the secure desktop. Anyone who thinks this button is old school is just a beginner without any true IT experience or has never worked in a domain environment.

    Professional SKU option for Windows 7. If it came with Home Premium only, there would A. be no way to join it to a domain and B. Volume License media for Windows Pro or Enterprise using KMS or MAK activation would not work. There wouldn’t be a qualifying marker in the SLIC table for Enterprise or Pro VL to activate. The first thing any self-respecting IT shop would do when bringing this device in would be to blow away the factory OS and reimage it with a managed corporate image.

    That may be a pity because of the last bit… Thinix shell for improved touch. This is another differentiator and will make Win7 much more touch useable. There are a few nits to work out with Thinix, but they are progressing nicely. Hopefully with a re-image, IT shops will be able to layer it back in and still own the rights to reinstall it after the factory image has been blown away.

    Good work, Hugo.

  3. Arthur

    10/07/2010 at 2:26 pm

    Frank, you sound like someone who is all to eager to bend over for Steve.

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