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The 5 Best Sprint Smartphones [May, 2013]



While the start of the new year was relatively quiet in terms of new releases for Sprint and other carriers in the United States, the past couple of weeks have been kind and those looking to pick up a new smartphone on the Now Network are in luck as the carrier has added some new high-end smartphone options that are now available.

The start of the new year did not get off to the bang that many potential smartphone buyers may have hoped for. Instead, the past few months have been relatively quiet in the United States in terms of smartphone releases. One carrier in particular that was rather quiet was Sprint, the third largest carrier in the United States behind Verizon and AT&T.

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Sprint has spent the better part of a year trying to play catch up with AT&T and Verizon in terms of 4G LTE coverage. Over the past few months, it has been some big strides towards to its ultimate goal of covering hundreds of millions of Americans with its high-speed network. Sprint also remains the only major American carrier that offers pure, unlimited data for new customers. Other carriers simply don’t offer it or throttle users data speeds when they go over a certain limit.

And while it hasn’t been quiet about the fact that it offers unlimited data and that its 4G LTE network is growing, the carrier had been relatively quiet about new smartphones. That is, until a few weeks ago when it finally announced and released a couple of new big name devices to shore up its 2013 lineup.

Now, the carrier has some enticing options to go along with its expanding 4G LTE network and unlimited data plans. Problem is, its lineup is still full of devices, making the selection of a top-notch smartphone a difficult task.

To make that decision easier, here is a list of what we consider to be the 5 best Sprint smartphones for the month of May, 2013.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 remains one of the best smartphone options on Sprint's 4G LTE network, pairing some fantastic specifications with guaranteed longevity.

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Apple's iPhone 5 may be growing in age but it still hasn't been completely surpassed by this year's crop of smartphones. The device's display still holds up, it features one of the best designs on the market, its camera is still top-notch and it will continue getting updates for years to come.

The price of course won't budge, at least not until the arrival of the iPhone 5S but this is still a device worth considering.



  1. ODdin(crwolv)

    05/07/2013 at 1:08 pm

    You put the galaxys3 above the LGOG(optimus g) wow you just lost any credibility with me. The sgs3 cant even come close to the LGOG. Weird choice to say the least. WOW

  2. iOS Developer

    05/08/2013 at 1:39 am

    I like the HTC one…no doubt it has extensive features!

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