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The Backstory Behind Motion’s New F5



Motion unveiled some nice enhancements to their C5 and F5 adding Verizon Wireless support, draft n wireless, SSD, and redressing the F5 in rugged-friendly black. We caught up with Motion today to discuss the back-story behind the F5’s new look. Motion’s Mary Anne Gunn had this to say:

We explored coming out with a wide-array of color themes like “Pretty in Pink”, “Orange You Glad I’m Not a Bananna”, etc. However, our stretch in to beige with last year’s release of the F5 proved to be too much for our company culture. David Altounian, our new CEO, really challenged our thinking, though. For those who don’t know, David is quite the motorcycle guy and it isn’t unusual to see him riding around the streets of Austin while listening to the complete works of AC / DC. He can really throw down while listening to Back In Black. David does some of his best work while on his cycle. So, our decision to go completely black with the J3400 and the F5 can be completely traced back to David’s motorcycle-riding, head-banging ways.

April Fools!

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