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Ticket to Ride for Android Steams on to Google Play



Ticket To Ride, the popular train line building board game is coming to Android tablets, more than a year after its release on the iPad.

In Ticket To Ride players compete to get the most points by building up their railroad empires. Players start off with set objectives to connect specific cities, netting them more points the more difficult the line is to build. As players try to build their own line, they’ll also want to guess what lines their opponents want to build so they can block them.

The game comes with the original Ticket To Ride board which lets players build their railroads across the United States with a few Canadian cities thrown in for good measure. Players can also choose to buy maps for Europe, Asia and different time periods through in-app purchases.

Ticket to Ride for Android arrives on the Google Play Store.

Ticket to Ride for Android arrives on the Google Play Store.

Like the iPad version of the game, Ticket To Ride for Android lets gamers play either against AI opponents or other people. Gamers can play with multiple friends in the same room, passing the tablet around during each turn, or they can play with friends online. The game lets players compete online with others playing the Android version as well as iPad, PC, Mac and Steam gamers.

Ticket To Ride is one of the best board games available on the iPad, and it should be just as fun on Android tablets. The app may even convince gamers to pick up the physical board game. The app is fun, but it’s even more fun to sit around a table with friends to play the actual board game.

Ticket To Ride for Android tablets is now available in the Google Play Store for $6.99. It’s fairly expensive for an Android game, but it’s well worth the price, and cheaper than the physical board game.

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