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Tiny Wings 2 Launches as Free Update, With iPad App



Earlier this week we heard that Tiny Wings 2 would finally be coming to the App Store tomorrow. Today, however, we have found out that Tiny Wings 2 is actually Tiny Wings 2.0.

According to Touch Arcade, the new version of Tiny Wings is a free update to the original Tiny Wings that adds a number of new features. The free update is finally joined by a true iPad version of the game. The iPad version, Tiny Wings HD, is a separate app that costs $2.99.

One of the new features in 2.0 is iCloud syncing so gamers who buy Tiny Wings HD can sync their progress between both games.

Both Tiny Wings 2.0 and Tiny Wings HD support the Retina Display on both devices, so the game will look great on both the iPhone and iPad. The games also offer a new mode called Flight School. In Flight School, players choose one of four birds for a race against the other three. The four birds race across one of the 15 tracks in the game

Tiny Wings HD offers a special split-screen mode for Flight School that lets two players compete against each other on the same device. It’s not the first game to offer spilt-screen multiplayer on the iPad, but that doesn’t make the idea sound any less fun.

Both versions of Tiny Wings should arrive in the App Store tonight around 11p.m. ET, which is when Apple updates the store. Thankfully it’s only a few hours from now, so those interested in the game need only to be patient for a short while.

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