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Top 5 Phones to Consider Before Buying the Galaxy S3 [August, 2014]



The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now two years old but that doesn’t mean that it’s been stripped from shelves. It’s still an option, a hard option to recommend, but an option nonetheless. With consumers still looking at the Galaxy S3, we want to offer five alternatives that we think you need to consider before buying Samsung’s aging former flagship in August.

This summer, the Samsung Galaxy S3 turned two years old. It seems like only yesterday that Samsung took the stage at its massive Unpacked launch event in London and announced its brand new flagship. When the Galaxy S3 arrived, it was packed with the latest hardware including a compelling design, large 4.7-inch 720p display, speedy dual-core processor, and solid 8MP camera.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is now a fossil but it remains an option thanks to an extremely solid price point, hardware that’s managed to hold up over the years, and software updates that continue to push out. The device recently received the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update in the United States and in Canada. And while we it’s hard to recommend given its age, there are people out there that are still thinking about making the Galaxy S3 their next smartphone.

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We are constantly bombarded with questions about which phones to buy. In particular, we’re constantly asked about the phones consumers should weigh against the Samsung Galaxy S3. There are a number of different devices that we could recommend, the smartphone market is full of solid choices, but we want to narrow things down a bit and take a look at what we consider to be the top five.

These smartphones represent the devices that we’d recommend to friends and family. And while our list may differ from yours, these are the devices that Gotta Be Mobile editors have selected for recognition this month. We feel like the devices listed here deliver the best, all-around package for this month and this month alone.

That said, here are the top five smartphones to consider before buying the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Galaxy S that arrived a year after the Galaxy S3. It features an improved design, improved display, improved display, faster processor, and best of all, it's a year younger which means that it should be lengthier software support from Samsung and Google.

If those reasons are compelling enough, consider this. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available for virtually nothing at Amazon, provided you sign up with a contract. Point is, there are Galaxy S4 deals to be had which makes it a device worth considering over the Galaxy S from a year ago.

The Galaxy S4 has some life left in it, the Galaxy S3 does not. Consider the Galaxy S4 before you take the plunge with Samsung's aging former flagship.



  1. BEN

    08/17/2014 at 2:12 am

    My Samsung s3 will not recharge even after 8 hours?

  2. mcleftii19

    08/17/2014 at 12:57 pm

    I have the Moto X on Republic Wireless and it has been a really great phone. This combination provides great service and functionality at a price that blows the competition out of the water.

    Get $20 off your first month’s service charge when you sign up using the link below!

  3. Anton K

    12/20/2014 at 12:01 am

    What an useless post. Of course you WILL buy the s4/s5/G2/iPhone if you can afford them! No one is buying S3 in 2014 if they have enough money to spend on a 2x priced phone.

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