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Tornado Warning: 5 Apps to Keep You Safe



When it comes to the weather, tornadoes can be the most dangerous form of severe weather for many people, depending on where you live. Here are five apps that focus on tornado safety.

When a tornado warning is issued for your area, it’s a good idea to be prepared and take cover when you need to, but when you want to be extra prepared and know what exactly the weather is like outside, a good way to go is to use apps on your mobile device.

There are a ton of weather apps available on both iOS and Android devices that can alert you to any severe weather in your area, but some apps that don’t get a lot of attention are apps specifically geared toward tornado warnings and tornado safety. Luckily, there are a few apps that can keep you safe and warn you whenever a tornado might be headed your way.

Furthermore, there are a handful of other general apps that can help you during severe weather situations that you may not have thought of before. Plus, there are even apps that provide a more in-depth look at the weather if you have a bit more knowledgeable about the subject, and they give you way more details than what a general weather app could provide, making them a great choice for getting more info about a tornado warning.

Here are five apps that can help you during a tornado and get you to safety if need be.



 The American Red Cross has its own tornado safety app, and it's perhaps the best one available.

Tornado (as the app is called) will provide alerts for when a tornado is in your area (or in another area where family or friends might be located), allowing you time to take cover. The app even comes with step-by-step instructions to help you know what to do when a tornado hits.

There are also tutorials on multiple topics, including how to prepare your house for a tornado and strengthen it in the process, as well as what to do after a tornado hits.

What's perhaps a really cool feature is that you can view the history of tornados that have hit your area in the past, giving you an idea on what to expect based on the severe weather history in your city.

The Tornado app is completely free to use and is available in iTunes and Google Play.

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