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Toshiba Android Tablet to be Called ‘Thrive’



A U.S. trademark filing with the USPTO reveals that electronics maker Toshiba has registered the name ‘Thrive’ which may suggest that its Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet may be called Thrive, rather than the previously leaked ANT moniker.

The company had debuted the Android tablet initially earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show without a name. Toshiba was showing off some unique features that will make its tablets stand out, including the ability to upscale images and videos to get cleaner, clearer graphics, as you can see in our video coverage from CES posted below:

Though the patent filing did not indicate that the Thrive brand would be attributed to Toshiba’s tablets, Engadget says that the company did purchase a number of domain names that suggest that Thrive will be part of Toshiba’s tablet strategy. Those domains include,, and Given that the Android tablet demoed at CES was at the time un-named, Thrive could be the final launch name for that device.

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