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Tripit is My Essential Travel App for Android and iPhone



If you travel, even occasionally, you definitely need to install the Tripit app on your iPhone or Android device.

This free app combines with the Tripit service to “automagically” transform your travel itineraries from popular sites like Travelocity and other details about your trip into an easy to read format that is easy to read on small smartphone screens and much faster than searching through your old emails for flight details and hotel confirmation numbers.

All you have to do is forward the plans you want incorporated into your next trip to [email protected] and they will be added to your next trip. If you have details that can’t be sent that way, just login online or in the app and add in details like a hotel confirmation number.

You can see a quick overview fo the Tripit service below, which explains the “magic” behind the Tripit service.

In addition to making it drop dead simple to get your data into Tripit and making it easy to access on your phone, Tripit also makes it easy to share your trip with friends and family. I use Tripit anytime I travel and one of the first things I do is send the travel details to my wife so she knows if my flights are delayed.

Tripit app for travel

I don't travel without Tripit.

My uses stop at airlines and hotels, but you can book in other items like events, dinner reservations, car rentals and much more. Tripit is a timesaver and a hidden gem on both the iPhone and Android. Even if you are only going on a roadtrip, Tripit is a handy companion for keeping track of your hotels.

If you want premium service you can upgrade to Tripit Pro which will monitor your flights and help you rebook if you miss a connection, but the free service is more than enough for many part time travelers like myself.

Tripit for Android | Tripit for iPhone

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Peter Olfe

    01/09/2012 at 2:46 pm

    I agree TripIt is great.  It puts all of my travel reservations in one itinerary.  
    I think near2there ( is a great supplement to TripIt.
    It is like a “to go” list of all of the other places (without reservations) I want to visit, so I don’t forget them.

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