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Turn Your MacBook Air into a Touchscreen Mac for $99



Do you want a Touchscreen Mac? If so you don’t need to wait for Apple to deliver a 2017 MacBook Pro that brings the TouchBar to the full display. Instead, you can buy the AirBar.

This is a $99 MacBook accessory for the 13-inch MacBook Air that lets you touch your screen to interact with the Mac.

No, this isn’t technically a touch screen and it isn’t going to address the small touch targets that are part of macOS Sierra, but it will bring you closer to that touchscreen Mac that you want.

This is AirBar, an accessory that gives you a touchscreen Mac.

This is AirBar, an accessory that gives you a touchscreen Mac.

AirBar is a small magnetic accessory that connects to the MacBook Air 13-inch model directly below the screen. It sends an invisible field of light up to the top of the screen. When you touch the screen, you break this field of light and the AirBar registers this with your Mac using a USB connection.

With this in place you can draw on the screen, tap on apps and inside apps to use them without reaching for the trackpad. You can also swipe across to switch desktops and pinch to zoom.

For a variety of tasks, this will help you quickly interact, but there are some limitations.

You cannot scroll on web pages and the touch targets on macOS Sierra menus are small since they aren’t designed with touch in mind.

When you are done with this, you need to remove it from your 13-inch MacBook Ait before you close it. There is a warning if you attempt to close it with the AirBar in place.

The AirBar is new for the MacBook Air 13-inch, but it is already available for 15.6-inch Windows laptops. You can buy the AirCar for MacBook Air 13 for $99. AirBar is currently taking sign ups for the MacBook Air accessory.

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