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Two ink bloggers back in black



inkbloggersWell, not quite literally back in black. One of them typically sticks with colors, while the other has a knack for colorful accents. But the point is, tardy party girl Cheryl and Bradtastic Brad have returned to the ink blogging fold with their wonderful, unique styles.

Cheryl/Jezlyn of Late to the Party has turned her Toshiba M200 into a dedicated ink blogging machine, hoping to give the format another, more continuous go. She’s experimenting with different ways of getting it done (including a failed try with Evernote), but her delightful block style of writing remains consistent.

And in his latest in a series of blogs is Bradtastic Brad spilling ink on He’s got a new mission (and working on a new logo) and thanks to a fresh rebuild of his Tablet PC, he’s able to share his highly artistic style of ink blogging with us. He had some trouble due to incompatibilities with the current version of Windows Live Writer and the ink blog plug-in, but a little bird (or I guess, the polar opposite of a “little bird”) helped him find an older version of WLW, so now he’s back in business.

If you don’t get jealous of other people’s fantastic handwriting, be sure to check out their stuff. Or if you want something less pretty, there’s always Sumocat’s Scribbles where I spill ink in three different ways and include Links in Ink.

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