U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3 Multi-Window View Update Now Available

A big U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3 software update is now available to owners, an update that brings a number of new features including the heralded Multi-Window View feature that recently arrived for owners of the Verizon Galaxy S3 as well.

Several weeks ago, Verizon rolled out a massive update for its Samsung Galaxy S3 which brought a number of enhancements (and bugs) including the Galaxy Note 2’s Multi-Window View feature, a feature that allows users to run two different apps on the display at the same time. The feature was originally thought to have been coming with Android 4.1.2 but that unfortunately didn’t happen for Verizon owners or any U.S. Galaxy S3 owners.

Instead, carriers have been rolling out the Premium Suite feature at their own leisure and today, it’s U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3 owners that are the lucky beneficiaries of it.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 can run S Voice from the Galaxy S4 with S Voice Drive.

A U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3 update has brought Multi-Window View to the table.

U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3 owners will be happy to know that a big software update is now available to them as U.S. Cellular has made the new update available through a manual update. Users can also wait for the Over-the-Air update though if it’s not available, users will simply want to head to the carrier’s website to install the update manually.

The software is going to be bringing a number of enhancements, not just Multi-Window View. It also enables Smart Switch and will likely tackle any bugs that were leftover from the previous Android 4.1.2 without bringing any bugs of its own.

While it isn’t Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, it’s still a big update for Galaxy S3 owners on U.S. Cellular and it will certainly be enough to hold them over until Android 4.2 does arrive.

Android 4.2 is rumored to be coming to the Galaxy S3 at some point in the third quarter of this year which means it could arrive by July. U.S. carriers are typically behind the curve and with this update rolling out now, it’s likely that U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3 owners will have to wait for their big time Jelly Bean update to arrive.