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UFC Fight Night May 16: How to Watch & Stream Overeem vs Harris



This is how you can stream UFC Fight Night Jacksonville on May 16th with Overeem vs Harris as the main event. There is a major change to this UFC stream since you can only watch it live on ESPN+ and then it will replay on TV immediately after.

If you want to stream the Overeem vs Harris UFC fight live, you will need to use ESPN+ instead of just watching on TV. In addition to the main event, you are also able to watch Gadelh vs Hill and Ige vs Barboza.

You can watch ESPN+ on your iPhone, Android, or on your TV using many streaming boxes and some smart TVs. We’ll show you how in this guide.

  • UFC Fight Night is May 16th in Jacksonville
  • Preliminary rounds start at 9 PM Eastern (6:00 Pacific)
  • Stream the fight live in HD on ESPN+

This is Harris’s first fight since he lost his stepdaughter. He is coming into this fight with a 2-fight win streak and all of his wins are by knockout. Overeem earned his reputation in Japan after a pro debut at 19. He was the heavyweight champion of two different organizations and has already beaten five UFC champions.

Gadelha is a former title challenger and won four of her last six fights. Hill is on a three-fight win streak and has is tied for the most fights in UFC Strawweight history at 14. If Hill is able to beat Gadelha it would be the biggest win of her career.

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How to Watch UFC Fight Night On TV

How to watch the UFC Fight Night live on ESPN+.

Thanks to COVID 19 you won’t be watching UFC Fight Night in person, but you can watch it on your TV using ESPN+. This is only showing on ESPN+, so you will need to use the app to stream on your TV instead of just tuning in to ESPN on your TV.

You can use the Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One, Roku, PS4 and other devices to watch the UFC Fight Night Overeem vs Harris stream. IF you have a streaming device connected to your TV, the odds are good you have the ability to stream easily.

How to Watch or Stream UFC Fight Night Online

You need to be an ESPN+ subscriber to watch the May 16 UFC Fight Night event live. It will not be on ESPN or normal TV streaming until after the fight is over.

With EPSN+ you get access to UFC content, as well as a ton of other EPSN+ content like The Last Dance and classic games. It’s a lot for a small monthly fee.

ESPN+ Supported Devices?

The ESPN+ service works on almost all major products, devices, services, and platforms. Subscribers can watch ESPN+ in the “ESPN+ tab” of the latest version of the ESPN App, on the web. Here’s a list of the popular supported devices.

UFC Fight Night & ESPN+ Streaming Problems

If you run into UFC Fight Night streaming problems while watching Overeem vs Harris on EPSN+ you can fix many of them on your own. One thing you can do to avoid problems is to sign up for ESPN+ now and test it on your device so that you are planning to watch the fights on, this way you know that it works before the fight starts.

In the event that you run into streaming problems during the fight, you may need to restart your TV or restart your home Internet. That’s about the only thing you can do during the fight if your stream goes down. You may be able to use your phone as a hotspot to watch on your TV, but most of the time, you can fix UFC streaming freezing problems by restarting the smart device or stopping using the internet for other activities.

Click here to learn more about streaming the UFC Fight Night on May 16th.

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