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Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 Review: Custom Bluetooth Speaker With Great Sound



The Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 is an awesome Bluetooth speaker that pumps out sound in 360 degrees, is ready to go anywhere. It also looks awesome thanks to the ability to customize the looks with fabric, end cap and color options as well as adding a custom phrase to the spine.

The UE Boom 3 sounds great and I like that I can set it anywhere in the room or in the yard and hear it without constantly shifting the speaker around like many single direction speakers. I’m not sure what magic Ultimate Ears is doing inside this small speaker, but it pumps out loud sound with great audio quality and there’s a surprising amount of bass. The fabric feels great and has held up well over several months of testing indoors and out, which is important since this speaker is incredibly portable.

Ultimate Ears offers the Boom 3 for $149 and for just $30 more, you can customize it with the myBOOM studio with eight colors for the speaker caps, icons, spine and hanging loop — plus 12 fabric options. You can even customize the spine with your own text.


Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 Sound

The Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 offers the same sound as the BOOM 3, the only difference is the customization options. With the myBOOM 3 you get loud music and spoken word without distortion and there is a lot of bass without being overpowering.

In my home office I typically listen at about 60% volume and it fills the room completely. Outdoors I can crank up the volume even more and fill the backyard. Unlike many other Bluetooth speakers I test, I can place the BOOM 3 in the center of the action and everyone can hear it perfectly. The 360 degree sound is an awesome feature that’s perfect for hanging out or simply sharing tunes while you do some yard work or enjoy a campfire.

Great sound with 360 coverage.

Great sound with 360 coverage.

If you own two or more BOOM 3 speakers you can pair them for even more immersive sound. You can even pair with older Ultimate Ears speakers. The system lets you pair up to 150 speakers. You can also use the app to let more than one person control the playlist. There are EQ options to let you control the sound. This speaker can store up to eight Bluetooth connections and connect to two devices at once.

I listened to Spotify and Audible for most of the testing, but also connected to my iPad to watch The Wire and Hulu and I came away impressed with the quality across different styles of music and entertainment. I’m looking forward to using it to listen to NFL and college football games on my iPad this fall.

Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 Design

Customize the colors and even add a phrase to the spine.

Customize the colors and even add a phrase to the spine.

Sometimes a Bluetooth speaker looks great, but it’s not something you want to take out where there is water and dirt. The Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 looks awesome and can stand up to the elements. It’s IP67 rated for water and dust — plus it floats. That’s right, this speaker is ready to head to the beach, the boat or the pool and can even survive for 30 minutes in the water. UE backs this with a two year warranty.

The fabric looks and feels amazing. I chose a grey and black camo in the customization options with red end caps, a black loop and a light grey spine with Mac & Cooper and two hearts for the customization. The myBOOM Studio lets you choose from a range of color and design options. The system lets you start from scratch or choose from some ideas to help you get started. Once you settle on a color and phrase it takes 3-4 weeks for delivery.

The magic button on the top controls playback and even offers quick access to Apple Music or Deezer playlists.

The magic button on the top controls playback and even offers quick access to Apple Music or Deezer playlists.

Two large volume buttons make turning the speaker up or down simple and a magic button on the top lets you control playback easily. You can even set up the button to connect you with one touch playback of favorite playlists in Apple Music and Deezer.

In this small package you get 15 hours of battery life on a single charge. When you need to recharge you can plug into the micro USB port hidden in the spine or you can set it on the optional dock.

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