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Unannounced Samsung Godiva Smartphone Poses for Photos



The Samsung Godiva, model number SCH-I425, which we had previously reported about, is now spotted in some user photos showing the front and the rear with the battery and battery cover removed. While the Godiva was previously thought to belong to the Samsung Stratosphere family with a sliding hardware QWERTY keyboard, like the previous two generations of Stratospheres, these photos show a device without a keyboard. As such, the device resembles the current generation Samsung Stellar more than it does the mid-range Stratosphere II.


Images of the Godiva initially were posted on Engadget

Unlike the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon Wireless, the Godiva has the same four capacitive buttons that debuted on the Stratosphere II and the Samsung Stellar, the latter of which looks to be a Droid Charge successor sans keyboard as well.

In the race for bigger and higher resolution displays at the high end of the smartphone market, an important segment that is getting more neglected is one with a sliding QWERTY keyboard that’s been popularized by the original Verizon Motorola Droid. With bigger screens, manufacturers have to boast slimmer designs to help keep these smartphones pocketable while still offering larger screen real estate. This would be a difficult feat to accomplish with the extra bulk that comes with a sliding QWERTY. Additionally, with improved software keyboards that offer better predictive and auto-correct text, having a hardware keyboard may seem less of a necessity for consumers than before where the on-screen typing experience was not optimal.

Details are scarce right now about the exact specifications for the Godiva, though leaked specs indicate an HD display with a 720p resolution along with NFC support. It’s interesting to see that in 2012, 720p HD displays were considered high-end specs and now just a month into 2013, we’re seeing 720p displays being pushed towards the mid-range segment. This year, the high-end market will be dominated by new devices with 1080p full HD displays.

Likely, the device will be compatible with Verizon’s ISIS digital wallet service. The phone also is running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

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