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Under Armour HealthBox: Track Sleep, Fitness & More



The Under Armour HealthBox is a new connected fitness accessory that aims to deliver everything you need to track your health in one package and enable apps and devices to talk to each other so that you have a complete picture of your health from sleep and nutrition to activity and fitness.

Under Armour partners with HTC to deliver the HealthBox and an updated UA Record app at CES 2016. This new accessory and app update join a growing number of Under Armour apps and accessories including MyFitnessPal that helped a Gotta Be Mobile editor lose 25 pounds in 2015.

The HealthBox includes a wearable band, a heart rate monitor and a WiFi scale to deliver a complete picture of your health and retails for $400.

UA Healthbox Connected Fitness

“This system contains everything a consumer needs to better manage their health and fitness,” said Wolfgang Muller, Executive Director – Connected Products, HTC in a press release about the product. “Whether you are a high performance athlete or simply committed to improving your health, UA HealthBox is the only system that delivers the complete picture and provides the information and motivation needed to achieve your goals.”

Although the UA HealthBox is made by HTC, it works with most Android phones and with the iPhone. Here’s a closer look at what you get with the UA HealthBox.

UA Band

UA Healthbox - 1

A wearable that you keep on all day. The UA Band tracks your activity, workouts and sleep complete with goal setting and progress tracking directly from the band. A display is hidden under an outer layer so that you don’t see the tech part of this when you don’t need it. There is an advanced workout mode that keeps the display on during a workout and an LED that shows heart rate zone when you pair with the UA Heart Rate band that is included with the package.

UA Heart Rate

UA Healthbox - 2

This is a compact hear rate monitor that UA says uses micro snap technology to make it undetectable during workouts. The chest strap and sensor allow users to better track intensity and work out smarter. With the UA Heart Rate accessory and the UA Record app users should know how many calories are burned in a workout and it is possible to customize heart rate zones.

UA ScaleUA Healthbox - 3

The UA Scale is a WiFi scale with a circular design that can measure your weight and body fat percentage. A hidden LED display disappears when you aren’t using the scale. The UA Scale supports eight users and syncs with the UA Record app to show weight trends. Like the UA Band, the scale is available in red and black.

“There are several options for consumers today when it comes to monitoring their daily activity, but no option when it comes to capturing and presenting information in a meaningful way.  Most of us know more about the health of our car than we do about our own bodies,” said Robin Thurston, Chief Digital Officer, Under Armour.

The updated UA Record app is available on Google Play and iTunes. The UA HealthBox release date is January 22nd with pre-orders starting today at HTC and UA.

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