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Unlocked iPhone 5s Arrives at Apple Store



Users looking to purchase an unlocked iPhone 5s can now pick up the device from the company’s online store.

Apparently, the unlocked iPhone 5s arrived at Apple’s online store overnight, ushering in an easier buying experience for anyone who wanted to avoid paying more to their wireless carrier each month. Previously, users had venture to one of Apple’s physical stores to get an unlocked iPhone 5s.

Apple hasn’t treated this as an opportunity to alter the pricing of the handset. The unlocked iPhone 5s with 16GB of storage will still cost users $649, while the 32GB unlocked iPhone 5s runs $749. Maxing out the unlocked iPhone 5s’ storage at 64GB will cost users $849. All of these prices mirror what Apple charges T-Mobile users who order the iPhone 5s. That’s because T-Mobile no longer subsidizes the cost of user’s phones. Instead, T-Mobile allows users to pay the full price of their handset in monthly installments that are separate from their wireless bill.


Unlike the T-Mobile version of the iPhone 5s, the unlocked iPhone 5s doesn’t include a micro-SIM card.  As such, users will need to remove the micro-SIM card from the device they already have. They can also purchase one from their wireless carrier of choice. Users will still be able to open the device’s SIM card tray using an included tool.

Apple first showed off the iPhone 5s at an event in early September. Since then, the device has garnered a ton of accolades, including some from GottaBeMobile. Our Xavier Lanier declared the iPhone 5s “The best phone for almost everyone,” in his review.

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Although it’s physically similar to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s includes a few hardware upgrades that users will find particularly useful. For example, the iPhone 5s is the first iPhone to include Touch ID, a fingerprint reader that is built into the home button. With it, users need never use a passcode to unlock their device again. The iPhone 5s also includes Apple’s first 64-bit mobile processor. It’s because of this processor that the iPhone 5s boasts some of the fastest processing speeds of any Apple mobile device. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Misha

    11/23/2013 at 3:51 am

    Good news!!!!
    But is it available for India too???

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