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Updated Adobe Flash 10.2 Player Requires Android 3.1 to Take Advantage of All Features



Adobe has recently announced that Adobe Flash 10.2 Player for Android is now available through Android Market as a final release. The new Adobe Flash 10.2 Player that’s being released will address security concerns and bring the capability for hardware-accelerated Flash video rendering on devices, though the feature will require Android Honeycomb 3.1.

Today we are releasing Flash Player 10.2 for Android Honeycomb devices, available for download from Android Market. This final release will take advantage of Google’s enhancements in an upcoming update to Honeycomb, including hardware accelerated playback of 720p high-definition video referenced in our earlier blog post (  Users of Android 3.0.1 will not experience these improvements until their devices receive the update to Honeycomb. In addition, this Flash Player 10.2 release includes a security update addressing the Flash Player vulnerability announced on April 15th ( for all versions of Android.

Current Android tablet devices–including the Motorola Xoom–are running on Android 3.0 or Android 3.0.1. Adobe’s news release for Flash Player 10.2 hints at Google updating the Android tablet OS to version 3.1 to take advantage of hardware-accelerated Flash. Prior to the release of the Motorola Xoom, in the past, Adobe had hinted that to take advantage of the full features of Adobe Flash 10.2, a minimum of Android 3.0 Honeycomb was required.

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