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Usability of Pico Projector Phone Concept from Sony Ericsson Questioned



A patent filing by Sony Ericsson shows a smartphone and mobile internet device with a sliding screen that will slide up to reveal a blank canvas for an embedded pico projector to display images onto.

As the portion that slides up is similar in size to–if not the exact same size–as the screen of the mobile communications device, the practicality and utility of the pico projector is questionable. With pico projectors embedded into devices, most devices would want to aim the projector onto a larger wall, where users could get a display that’s magnified up to around 50 inches, which is what is supported by many pico projectors on the market today.

It’s unclear if the concept rendered by Sony Ericsson for patent would require the sliding display or if users can display the projected image onto a white wall, which would give it more utility. The one thing that the concept solves is providing a surface to project upon.

For those unaware of the technology, pico projectors are small, diminutive and portable projectors that can either be embedded into a device, like a camera or smartphone, or be a standalone device the size of today’s smartphones that allow users to project their displays onto a larger screen. Typically, a dark room would be optimal for projection. Unlike conference room projectors or home theater projectors, the pico projectors sacrifice some quality for the advantage of portability. In my experience with the 3M MPRO pico projector, video below, the quality was good enough for a dark or dimly lit room for use on the go.

Via: Unwired View

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1 Comment

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