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V-MODA Forza In Ear Customizable Earbuds Review



Earbuds or headphones should sound good and make a fashion statement. The V-MODA Forza customizable in-ear earbuds do both. The company makes three versions of the V-MODA Forza earbuds, the V-MODA Forza that we’ve got and review here, the V-MODA Forza Metallo, which cost $30 more, and the V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless. They also sell some interesting 3D printed custom caps to accessorize the earbuds.


V-MODA Forza Earbuds Design


The 3D printed custom caps will add upwards of $20 for an acrylic version when purchased with the Forza earbuds. Separately, the acrylic attachments cost $40. Other options include:

  • $250 for gold-plated
  • $2,500 for 14K gold
  • $7,500 for platinum

I can’t imagine why anyone would even bother with the custom caps unless they got the acrylic or maybe the gold-plated caps. Adding $250 or more to the price of a product for a little bling doesn’t make sense to me. V-MODA didn’t send us caps to try, so I can’t say how nice they look.

The V-MODA Forza earbuds come in three colors, orange, black and white. The earbuds and cables will change depending on the color you buy. The fins that help keep the earbuds in your ear will also come in those three colors.


Notice the fin that holds the earbuds in the ear.

You can also use the ear hooks to hold the 5.8mm micro drivers in place during a workout or a run. However, the earbuds fit inside the ear canal nicely and didn’t fall out when I used them and even tried to get them to fall out.

V-MODA ships the earbuds with  8 pairs of what they call “BLISS 3.0 fittings” and this refers to the part that actually fits into your ears. You get extra-small, small, medium and large sizes. 3 pairs of “ActiveFlex sport fins” and 1 pair of “ActiveFlex sport earhooks” also ship in the box in addition to a nice fabric case.

The earbuds feel durable and V-MODA says they meet  MIL-STD-810G military grade standards. The cable isn’t exactly tangle free, but the rubber-like material doesn’t seem to tangle as badly as most plastic coated cables. the angled plug keeps the cable from bending too easily and causing potential damage.

There’s an inline set of volume and play/pause buttons in the right side. The buttons work like any other set of phone headphones.


The V-MODA Forza Metallo high-end Bluetooth earbuds and custom 3D printed caps. If the Bluetooth version sounds as good as the wired version, they’re a buy, too.

V-MODA Forza Sound Quality

No matter how cool a set of earbuds looks, they have to sound good. V-MODA promises “Hi-Res Audio” with “super-human frequencies beyond 40kHz with Hi-Res music sources as certified by Japan Audio Society (JAS)”. That sounds like fancy marketing speak. More importantly, the V-MODA Forza micro drivers sound great. The audio is clear and rich. Bass and treble sound full. They’re also dangerously loud, so turn down your sound before plugging them in and hitting play.

The mic sounds decent. I tested recording some audio on the Voice Memos app on an iPhone 7 Plus and the results sounded clear and crisp but a little soft.

V-MODA Forza Recommendation

A pair of $100 earbuds better sound good and last, especially since someone can buy a decent set for $15-$20 and replace them every time they fall apart or get lost. People who lose their earbuds often better not buy the Forzas. However, anyone who wants great quality sound and durable earbuds that will hold up to some punishment should take a close look at the V-MODA Forza 3D Custom in-ear sport earbuds.

If you don’t mind throwing away money just to look good, then consider the custom 3D printed caps. I wouldn’t recommend those, but the earbuds themselves win a buy rating easily. These immediately replaced my favorite set of earbuds that I’ve used for years because they sound great and feel great! Get the V-MODA Forza in-ear earbuds directly from V-MODA for $100. They’re also available for the same price at Amazon.

It’s best to get them directly from V-MODA so you can use their customization engine. Pick the color first and choose the version for iOS or Android. That mostly matters because of the controls on the buttons. Next, you’ll choose to go with the 3D printed caps or without. If you pick no caps, then you’ll check out at that time. If you want the caps, then pick your design and material and finally check out.

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