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Verizon 5G Is Ready for Super Bowl 54



Super Bowl LVI is the first 5G Super Bowl and Verizon is ready to make it a special experience for fans in attendance. They’ve upgraded Hard Rock Stadium and the greater Miami area with 5G Ultra Wide Band connectivity. This means faster connections, less lag and there are some cool features that this enables if you have a 5G device from Verizon.

With Super Bowl 54, fans can check out a variety of 5G experiences this week and during the game. From January 25th through Saturday, February 1st. You can check out the cool tech in action at Super Bowl Live. This includes,

  • Live In-Stadium  AR Wayfinding and  Directions 
  • Live On Field Graphics  through AR Filters 
  • Live-Streaming via Multiple  Camera Angles 
  • Volumetric Replays 

You can see the camera angles control demo in the video above, where you can choose how you want to watch the game.

Verizon prepped many stadiums for 5G this year, and we had a chance to check out what this is like at the Colt’s stadium. You can see the speeds there and watch as we race a 5G download up the stairs.

In addition to those 5G features and experiences, you can check out the 5G Powered games that are part of the Verizon 5G Mobile Gaming Challenge. This called for U.S. based game developers to make a football theme mobile game that uses 5G.

  • “Endzone” – A player navigates a series of mazes in order to reach the end zone. The player is about to score a touchdown when suddenly the field transforms and the player must navigate shape-shifting mazes to reach the end zone. 
  • “NFL Ultra Toss” – An ultra-massive multiplayer experience in which players throw a football towards a pick-up truck parked on the 50-yard line at a sold-out NFL stadium. The first player to land a football in the bed of the truck earns the title of Super QB.  

You’ll be able to play these games and check out the experiences as part of the Super Bowl week festivities. Verizon invested over $80 million to prepare the Miami area for the Super Bowl. The infrastructure upgrades will remain in place and available to residents.

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