Verizon Extends Free HTC ThunderBolt Hotspot Access To June 15th

The ThunderBolt came with free 4G Hotspot service until May 15th, and now that the date has passed Verizon is sending subscribers text messages letting them know that they can have another month of free, if not finicky, wireless tethering. The new free tethering extension puts the end date in line with the end of the Droid Charge’s free wireless tethering.

Verizon HTC ThunderBolt Free Month of Tethering Announcement:


FREE VZW MSG: The Mobile Hotspot/Mobile Broadband Connect promotion for your Smartphone has been extended to 6/15/2011. Share your internet access with up to 8 Wi-Fi capable devices or with your notebook or netbook. After the promotion expires, additional access charges will apply.


Verizon has been going back and forth on 4G LETE hotspot pricing, bouncing from unlimited for $30 a month to 2GB for $20 a month and eventually retracting the pricing all together and telling user to wait another month. It’s clear that Verizon is having trouble coming up with the correct pricing. Perhaps they will listen to the complaints of users and simply fold the personal hotspot feature into the monthly data charge we already pay. Hey, we can dream can’t we?