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Verizon Galaxy S III Orders Slip to July 19th



Verizon has pushed the shipping date for Samsung Galaxy S III orders to July 19th and it appears that some who pre-ordered the device are seeing their orders moved back in date as well.

We have received several tips that indicate that Verizon has pushed back the shipping date of the Galaxy S III to July 19th. This means that those who order the device today will see their device ship out by that date.

The news comes just a day before Verizon is scheduled to launch the device. The carrier finally confirmed July 10th as the phone’s release date last week.

In addition, we’ve also heard from a couple of Verizon Galaxy S III owners who pre-ordered who are saying that their device isn’t scheduled to arrive until July 19th either.

Verizon Galaxy S III orders have slipped to July 19th.

It looks like Droid-Life is hearing the same thing we are which means that those who want the device on launch day are best suited going into a Verizon store tomorrow to try and snag one.

We’re unsure as to why Verizon has bumped these dates so far back but we assume that it has something to do with supply issues which have plagued the Galaxy S III’s North American launch.

Samsung has seen overwhelming demand for the Galaxy S III since it launched in May and thus, it has had a hard time keeping supply plentiful.

This affected the launches of the Galaxy S III on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and now, it would appear Verizon as well.

Those who pre-ordered the device will want to check to see if their order has been pushed back and those who want the phone relatively soon will want to wake up early and head to a store tomorrow to see if the device is in-stock.

Anyone see their pre-order pushed back?

Thanks Orman!

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