Verizon HTC One Release Reportedly Pushed Back, Again

While all signs have pointed to an imminent Verizon HTC One release date, possibly on August 15th, a wrench has been thrown into those plans today as a new report claims that the Verizon HTC One release has been pushed back, again, this time to August 29th.

Earlier this year, HTC and Verizon announced the HTC One but declined to give it a specific release date. The companies have said that the device will be out this summer, leaving them with a release window that lasts until late September. In the weeks since, we’ve seen several dates pop up, but thus far the device remains without an official date.

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The HTC One Verizon launch is still up in the air, two months later.

The HTC One Verizon launch is still up in the air, two months later.

First, it was August 1st. A day before that, a leaked document emerged indicating that Verizon had pushed back the HTC One release until August 15th for unknown reasons. Verizon’s new Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX and Droid Mini as well as the new Moto X are suspected to have played a role.

Earlier this month, we reported that both the Droid DNA and Droid Incredible 4G LTE vanished from shelves, a sign that a new HTC device could be incoming to Verizon, most likely, the Verizon HTC One. However now, it appears that Verizon HTC One buyers may have to wait even longer than August 15th as PhoneArena claims that the release date has been pushed again.

The HTC One Max is rumored for September with a 6-inch display.

The HTC One for Verizon was first announced in June.

Instead of August 15th, August 29th is now being mentioned as a possible release date for the Verizon HTC One. This would fall after the launches of the new Droid devices and the Moto X, the latter of which is supposed to arrive on August 23rd. There is no physical evidence to support this claim, just a tip from a “source” so it’s possible that it’s off base.

However given how strange this launch has been, an August 29th release remains entirely possible.

Verizon’s HTC One is expected to come with the same perks as the other HTC One devices though it is thought to be coming in blue, something that AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have yet to offer since they launched their HTC One models all the way back in April.