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Verizon LG G4 Release: 5 Things to Know



The new LG G4 is finally set to hit carrier shelves in the United States starting next week, and today the Verizon LG G4 release details were officially confirmed. Here we run down five things buyers need to know as the launch nears.

Late last month LG took the stage in New York City and announced the all-new redesigned LG G4 after months of rumors, speculation, and small teasers. It went on sale in Korea the very next day, and will be available in the U.S. from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular.

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Recently we’ve heard from Sprint and US Cellular, and the T-Mobile LG G4 went up for sale today. However, those considering this impressive new 5.5-inch flagship smartphone on Verizon Wireless will want to read on for all the details regarding the release date, pricing, genuine leather backs, some exclusive deals and more.

Verizon LG G4

When the fancy LG G4 was announced the company showed off three regular plastic models in White, Silver, and Gold, as well as six genuine leather handmade options that were very impressive. The leather is our favorite aspect of the phone as detailed in the review above, aside from the stunning 16 megapixel camera, and below is everything you’ll need to know about the Verizon LG G4 release.

Verizon LG G4 Release Date

Last week Best Buy released some promotional material detailing a $100 gift card for those buying through its retail stores, and along with it confirmed the June 4th release date on Verizon. This wasn’t official, but this afternoon Verizon confirmed the LG G4 will be available online and in retail stores nationwide on Thursday, June 4th. This is the day after T-Mobile, the day before Sprint, and we’re hearing AT&T won’t have it until June 12th.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.39.56 PM

Verizon will have the LG G4 in stores ahead of the June 4th release date for prospective buyers to try it out ahead of time, and if you pre-order it online, buyers will get it before the 4th, which we have more details about below.

LG G4 Pre-Order

Starting tomorrow, May 28th, the Verizon LG G4 will officially be available for pre-order. Verizon confirmed that this afternoon, and all the details can be found on the Verizon News Blog. Those who choose to pre-order tomorrow or before the 4th will get the device early, as Verizon promises to begin shipping ahead of the general in-store release date.


Of course the next important question for buyers is the price. Just like previous years, Verizon appears to be undercutting the competition, and will offer the LG G4 for $549 outright (vs $599 on other carriers) and it will be available with Verizon Edge.

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Customers can get the Verizon LG G4 for $22.91 a month for 24 months, which comes out to around $549. We’re assuming they’ll also offer it for $149 or $199 with a new 2-year contract, but that wasn’t detailed in the announcement this evening.

Verizon LG G4 Colors & Leather

LG announced the phone in six beautiful leather colors as we mentioned above, but sadly it looks like the initial launch won’t have all those available. Each carrier has only announced one version, and the same applies for Verizon.

LG G4 Leather

Verizon has an exclusive in the United States on the Ceramic White LG G4, which is the model outlined in the pricing above, but will also offer LG’s latest phone in Metallic Gray (plastic) and Genuine Black Leather. Hopefully LG will sell the other five leathers separately, as the back is removable, but that’s yet to be confirmed. Below is an image of the Black Leather that will be offered by Verizon.

LG G4 Black Leather


As many already expected, LG has tons of deals on this new smartphone. Those who buy the LG G4 between May 28th and June 21st from Verizon (or any US carrier) will get a free 32GB micro-SD card, an extra 3,000 mAh battery, and a spare battery charging cradle all absolutely free.


LG confirms these are in limited supply and owners will be required to send in proof of purchase and a few other things to this promotional website, and the free accessories will ship within 4-6 weeks.

Best Buy also has a deal delivering a $100 gift card, but buyers will need to head into a Best Buy rather than a Verizon store or online pre-orders. Verizon is also bundling the G4 with the new LG G Pad X8.3 with 4G LTE, offering a discount and the tablet for $49 with a new 2-year contract when purchased together with the smartphone.

It looks like all carriers but AT&T will have the stunning new Android 5.1 powered LG G4 smartphone available and in stores during the first week of June. Above is everything you need to know, then check out a few great case options below.

6 Exciting LG G4 Cases

LG G4 Folio Flip Case

LG G4 Folio Flip Case

Similar to last year, LG is offering an official LG-made Folio Flip Circle Case that offers multiple levels of protection, additional neat features, and more. The G4 Folio case protects the entire device as usual, but then has a flip cover that protects the 5.5-inch screen. The trademark circle window cutout in the flip cover shows a clock, the weather, incoming call or text message information, quick access to the camera and more all without ever opening the case.

Then opening it instantly wakes up your device. This case makes your phone durable, offers additional features, and protects the screen all in one. Last but certainly not least, there's also a second version of the Folio Case that enables wireless charging, making it more than worth the more expensive price point.

LG hasn't announced pricing for the G4 Folio case, but last year the G3 Folio case was $49, and the wireless charging enabled case was $59.99.

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