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Verizon Maintains Unlimited Prepaid Smartphone Data for $30 Per Month



If you’re a heavy data user and not quite the gabber when it comes to your smartphone, the good news is that a pre-paid plan may be worth the consideration as the carrier is still keeping its unlimited data plans for prepaid subscribers at $30 per month. Unfortunately, post-paid customers who subscribe on or after July 7th were ushered into the carrier’s new era of metered pricing.

Right now, though, Verizon Wireless is only offering a limited number of smartphones up for pre-paid customers. Also, of your limited selection, it seems that you’re limited to either Android or BlackBerry.

You’ll still need to subscribe to a voice plan, which starts at $45 per month, as well as SMS if you plan on doing a lot of texting. In the long-haul, going the pre-paid route, if Verizon’s your preferred carrier, may be cheaper than going post-paid if you consume copious amounts of data.

While the benefit of prepaid is that you will not have to sign for a lengthy two-year contract, customers who opt for this route will also have to pay for the full, unsubsidized retail price of their smartphones.

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  1. Anonymous

    07/15/2011 at 12:23 pm

    A limited amount of smart phones available!? Well I suppose that’s better than nothing – better be quick if it’s what you want. I know tracfone’s straight talk sorta does the same thing; instead of capping their unlimited plan, they’ll rather control the amount of devices that take use of the unlimited plan, and thereby potentially harming the bandwidth, and signal performance for normal users. I think it’s quite clever, and rather responsible. Until the company knows the extent of influence the new devices in the market, they’ll rather reassess the situation later on, and then release more smart phones onto the market.

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