Verizon: No Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Performance Issues
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Verizon: No Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Performance Issues



A couple of days ago, we told you about some 4G LTE signal issues that we had been having with Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Verizon confirmed the issues and said it was working on a fix that would be rolling out with the device’s first maintenance update. Well, today, Verizon again confirmed said update and stated that the software will “adjust the signal strength indicator to more closely match other Verizon Wireless devices.”

The carrier did not provide a specific date as to when the update would be rolling out but according to ComputerWorld, Verizon reps have begun telling customers that the software will roll out at some point in January.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Here is Verizon’s full statement:

There is no issue with the performance of the device. There is a difference in the way the signal is translated into bars on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus compared to other smart phones. A future software update will adjust the signal strength indicator to more closely match other Verizon Wireless devices.

Will it fix the issues that people have been having?

A report from AnandTech seems to think it will because, according to them, the issue never existed at all. The only issue, according to them, was that the Galaxy Nexus – as Verizon just confirmed – translates bars differently than other devices. In fact, it might even map signal bars more accurately than other devices that Verizon has on the market.

This doesn’t change the fact that we’ve seen sporadic disconnects when on 4G LTE . However, it appears that that, and possibly the phone’s dismal battery life, has more to do with Verizon’s network and not the Galaxy Nexus itself.

We shall see in a few weeks.



  1. Larmay_787

    12/21/2011 at 9:24 pm

    doubt thats the problem, in fact i know thats not it.  when sitting in an area where ive always gotten full bars ive had it drop to zero bars and tried to make a call and it would fail, then a bit later it would bounce back up to full again and i could make a call..  soo ur telling me that is a problem with the way is shows signal strength? makes no sense..  even if it showed me zero bars i should still be able to make a call then if what they are saying is true.  and i look at my blackberry in an area and it never moves from 3 bars, the nexus gets 3 bars max in that area but bounces from 0 to 3 with usually about 1 as an average…  fix this garbage!!!!! 

  2. Wraith5513

    12/22/2011 at 4:43 am

    Total BS,4 miles from an LTE tower,  I’m getting -116db on the nexus, and dropping data connect constantly, with a POS Thunderbolt running strong 2 feet away.

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