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Verizon Offering $50 On-Contract Discount for Motorola Xyboard Tablets



Verizon is already starting to slash the price of its recently released 4G LTE Motorola Xyboard tablets, which are available in 8.9- and 10.1-inch variants. The discount of $50 applies only to those who are willing to sign up for a contract for a two-year data plan on the two slates. Those wishing to pay full retail price sans contract for Motorola’s Xyboard tablets will not be eligible for the discount.

It’s unclear whether the price right now is a promotional price or if it’s a permanent reduction.

The Xyboard 10.1 now starts at $479.99 with a two-year contract.

Though Verizon is leveraging its 4G LTE network speeds and availability as a selling point to maintain a higher than normal pricing on both tablets, the high price point has been the subject of criticism from industry watchers, who are saying that Android tablet adoption has been slow due to non-competitive pricing.

Though the Xyboard’s prices may be high, the tablets follow Verizon’s higher pricing model for the original Motorola Xoom 4G tablet, which had cost $800 upon release sans contract. At the time, Motorola and Verizon justified the price for the richness that 4G LTE delivers when compared to other 3G-only tablets, chiefly the iPad.

Via: The Verge



  1. motorola droid

    01/04/2012 at 8:06 pm

    Why doesn’t Verizon subsidize tablet prices like they do for phones? Having a tablet with LTE would be great because for $30 you get 2GB of data that you can share via wireless hot spot. Additional data is $10 per GB. Compare this to a MiFi, where the cheapest plan is $50 for 5 GB. If you’re not a huge data user, and the reason you have a MiFi is for a tablet, this will save you money on your monthly bill. That said, these have no external storage, unlike my Acer A500, which has a microSD slot and a full size USB port. These Xyboard tablets are way overpriced, but with subsidies from Verizon, they could be made more attractive.

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