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Verizon Sucks Coupon Code Gets You $45 Off an Unlocked Galaxy Nexus

By now, you’re fully aware of the saga involving Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The phone was confirmed for Big Red’s 4G LTE network back in October but yet, we still don’t have any official word as to when it’s going to be released. December 15th is currently the prime candidate. Well, one online retailer feels your pain and is offering $45 off of an unlocked Galaxy Nexus if you use ‘VZSucks’ as your discount code.

We’re serious.

Negri Electronics, which normally sells the Samsung i9250 Google Galaxy Nexus 4G 16GB for $730.50, will drop the device to $685.50 when you add in that discount code.

Galaxy Nexus

Unfortunately, the offer is for today only which means that you won’t be able to wait and see if Verizon finally does decide to launch its 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus on Thursday as expected.

So, a slow clap in Negri Electronics’ direction and a link for those of you that are interested in an unlocked Galaxy Nexus at this price.

Via: Twitter

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  1. Guest

    12/13/2011 at 6:38 pm

    Yeah, they have to release it first. I got tired of waiting , ditched my iPhone, and went with the Rezound and I love it.


  2. Anonymous

    12/13/2011 at 10:32 pm

    There is a new online discount sweeping the country this holiday season, called Printapons where a local store is featured every day with huge discount.


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