Verizon Waiving Tablet Activation Fees
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Verizon Waiving Tablet Activation Fees



Now that Verizon Wireless is not assessing any activation fees on Apple’s iPad 2, it seems appropriate that the carrier will be following suit for Android tablets. Dubbed a ‘limited time’ promotion, Verizon is now waiving activation fees on Android tablets as well. Owners of the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab on a month-to-month plan will see the activation fee assessed and credited in their bills, according to a document obtained by Droid-Life. The new policy had gone in effect on March 11.

Verizon’s change will definitely help customers who don’t need data every month to turn on and off data without having to be assessed the activation fee every time they re-activate the month-to-month data plan. As the data plan on tablets–unless you buy your tablet subsidized from Verizon–are already on a month-to-month basis, users can now more freely turn on data for the months that they need mobile broadband data access and turn off data on the months that they don’t need access to Verizon’s network without incurring any other charges.

While Verizon is calling this a limited time promotion, we’re really hoping this move becomes permanent.

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