Verizon Waves Activation Fees for Android Tablets
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Verizon Waves Activation Fees for Android Tablets



Verizon has decided that all Tablets should be created equally. Well, not created actually, but activated. Turns out that in the wake of the iPad 2 release, for which Verizon was not charging its typical $35 activation fee, Verizon is going to no longer charge those fees for Android Tablets. Well, at least for the Galaxy Tab and the Xoom.

This is retroactive to March1 so if you picked one up after that date you should see a credit. If you picked one up before that date, well, let’s just say you got caught in the typical games carriers play.

Via Android Community



  1. AustinPrice

    03/16/2011 at 1:53 pm

    Waives, perhaps?

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