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Vine Video App Now Available on Windows Phone



Windows Phone users no longer have to rely on third-party Vine clients, at least that’s according to Microsoft. The company formally announced that Windows Phone users can expect a custom-made version of Vine to appear in the Windows Phone Store sometime today.

The news comes by the way of The Verge who says Microsoft tipped them off about the coming application. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available in the Windows Phone store yet, however reportedly, it includes all the platform-specific features users have come to expect. That includes live tile integration so users don’t have to open the application to get the latest updates from Vine users. Users can also launch Vine from within the Windows Phone camera interface thanks to its built-in support for lenses.

Vine allows smartphone users to create short 6-second video clips that they can easily share with other friends using the Vine application. While users can record anything they want, videos uploaded to the service tend to be of the joke variety. For example, most of the popular videos on Vine involve pets doing strange things.


Although Vine is just launching on Microsoft’s mobile platform today, Windows Phone users have been able to get access to the social network through third-party applications like 6sec since earlier this year. In fact, Vine is a perfect example of the Windows Phone developer community filling an essential functionality gap. It’s unclear whether Twitter, Vine’s creator, will still allow 6Sec to access its back-end now that it has its own application for the platform.

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The arrival of Vine leaves Instagram as the last big social media application that Windows Phone users don’t have official access to. Like with Vine, Windows Phone users can post pictures and more using a third-party application developed specifically for Windows Phone named 6tag. Microsoft and Nokia have already confirmed that users can expect an official Instagram application to arrive on the platform at some point in the near future. However, exactly when remains a mystery.

Vine has been available on Android since June, and it launched on the iPhone this past January.

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