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VLC Player App Coming to Android Early 2011



Lead developer for VLC Jean-Baptiste Kempf revealed to GigaOm that the popular media player will be coming to Android devices sometime in early 2011.

VLC has been a popular media player on desktop Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms as the player supports many different media formats for audio and video; the player recently also debuted on the iOS platform with an iPhone and iPad release.

According to Kempf, the team has been working on the Android version of VLC for some time now. Initially, the player hit a roadblock due to the fact that Android’s “multimedia output libraries are in Java.” Google had since released an NDK which allows developers to create apps in native code, and the VLC team is leveraging the new NDK capabilities in its forthcoming app.

Most of VLC’s libraries have been ported to the platform, though there may be other obstacles ahead. According to Kempf, there may be delays to getting VLC to work with various different Android devices on the market, and the team is still concerned about fragmentation on the platform.

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