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Vote 2008: The Candidates View of Technology and Internet



While we try not to be too political here at GBM, there are two issues important to us and our readers: technology & the Internet.   We’ve taken a look at McCain, Obama, and Nader’s views of these issues and the role they will play in their presidency.   Although you may be sick of all the election rhetoric, it is crucial to pause and review the stances these candidates take regarding technology and the Internet.

You may have heard how  broadband providers  such as Comcast are throttling user bandwidth, and others are setting download limits, searching for copyrighted material, or blocking P2P file sharing.   These are all crucial issues that greatly impact a free and public Internet.   Take a moment to delve into the candidate’s stances, and check out their respective web sites for a point-by-point break down.

According to the Republican nominee’s site, John McCain will:

  • Encourage investment in innovation
  • Develop a skilled work force
  • Champion open and fair trade
  • Reform intellectual property protection
  • Keep the Internet and entrepreneurs free of unnecessary regulation
  • Ensure a fully connected citizenry

According to the Democratic frontrunner’s site, Barack Obama will:

  • Ensure an open Internet.
  • Create a transparent and connected democracy.
  • Encourage a modern communications infrastructure.
  • Prepare all of our children for a 21st century economy.
  • Improve America’s competitiveness.
  • Employ science and technology to solve our nation’s most pressing problems.

Ralph Nader’s site requires a little digging to infer his full views of technology and the Internet.   While Nader clearly outlines his views of energy and the environment, his site does not specifically take a stand regarding technology.

One thing that both McCain and Obama agree on is a fully connected public.   It is clear to see that the Internet and technology have revolutionized nearly every aspect of professional and public life in a relatively short amount of time.   There are few jobs today that do not use the strength of the Internet or a computer.   The entertainment and television industry has  started to realize the strength of the Internet as most major networks now make their programming available online.   Schools across America rely on computing power and Internet research to educate and engage students.   The Internet has changed our lives, and it is important we elect  individuals  that will ensure openness and availability to all people.

Which candidate do you believe best supports continuing the growth of technology and the connectedness of the Internet?

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