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Waiting for a Google+ iOS App to Share Photos? Here’s a Way to Do So Now



Google+ has apparently just opened up invitations again for the new social butterfly service. While the jury is still out as to what it will and could be, I have to say I’m liking my experiences with it so far in early testing. One of the biggest requests being heard is for an iOS App, and apparently that’s in the works. But we all know those things can take time when your friends are your rivals are your friends are your rivals….

One of the reasons folks are looking for an iOS App is to be able to quickly share photos on Google+. The Android App not only does this quickly, but some say perhaps too quickly. Take a picture with an Android phone and wham, its on Google+. Whether or not that same functionality shows up on the iOS App is yet to be seen. But, if you have an iPhone and want to share pictures there is at least one way to do so. Here it is.

You’ll need a Picassa account (soon to be Google Pictures account). You’ll also need to install the App MyPics and set it up with your Picassa account. Once you take a picture or pictures with your iPhone you choose the pictures you want to send to Picassa. (You can also take a picture straight from the App.) Once the picture is in your Album on Picassa, leave a comment on the picture and it will be shared on Google+. MyPics costs $2.99. There is also a version, MyPicsHD for the iPad at $3.99.

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Or you could just wait until the iOS App for Google+ is released.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rodfather

    07/07/2011 at 4:52 pm

    I’ve been emailing photos to Picasa.  In the Picasa web settings, you can turn it on and choose the unique  email address to send to  I had to change the permission of the ‘Drop Box’ album to public first, though. Then add a comment to the pic.

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