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Wake Up Early If it Snows With the Winter Wakeup App



If you live in a snowy area like I do, you know how annoying it can be to spend an extra 15 minutes shoveling and clearing snow off  car in the morning, especially if you didn’t wake up early.

Sure, you can set the alarm early and get up to see if it snowed, but the weatherman is wrong as often as he is right and you’ll never get those 20 minutes of sleep back.

Enter a new app that can wake you up early if it snows in your area.

Winter Wake Up app is free for the iPhone and Android. This app monitors the weather and can wake you up early for frost or snow. Check out a video from the creators below.

The app has separate settings for frost and snow, so that you can set up your alarms to go off 5 minutes early when there is frost and perhaps 20 minutes early when it snows. The times are customizable so you can adjust for your needs.

You can even set the app to wake you up late if it snows too much. This is perfect for those of us who can work from home or who might just write the day off and make up the work some other time.

The app looks like it will come in handy this winter. Too bad it won’t start your car, turn up the heat and scrape off your windows for you.

As with all third-party alarms, I would suggest setting a second alarm on your phone or another device the first time you use this app so that you don’t accidentally sleep through the morning if your phone’s GPS goes wonky.

Via Techcrunch

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