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What’s New in watchOS 3.0: Get the Best Apple Watch 2 Features Today



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Health and Activity Upgrades

Health and Activity Upgrades

Competitive users will appreciate the new Activity Sharing options that let you share your activity with friends and family. This includes your rings and your workouts. Users can share motivational messages right from the Activity Sharing area or send trash talk. At the end of an awesome workout you can quickly tap to send your racing heart beat.

There is a new option to track Wheelchair use. Instead of Stand, this Wheelchair alert tells users its "Time to roll!" so they know to get some activity. There are new wheelchair specific workouts and the app can handle different ways people push their wheelchairs.

A new Breathe app reminds you to take time to go through a series of deep breaths to calm you and help manage stress. This shows you on-screen when to breathe and uses small vibration feedback if you prefer to close your eyes.

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