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Watch Snapchat Scare Kids With Terrifying Selfies



The latest Snapchat update adds insane new selfies that alter the appearance of your face in hyper-realistic ways.

When you combine the ability to instantly morph your face into a Zombie, or even worse the ability to turn your kids face into a zombie or a weird purple mustachioed man, the results are hilarious, if a bit mean-spirited.

Watch the video below to see a compilation of kids reacting to the new Snapchat Lenses, which use facial detection to overlay a new face on your face when you open your mouth or move your eyes.

As you see in the video when the main subject of the video opens their mouth, the Snapchat Lenses take over and replace their face with one of a zombie or vampire like creature. The latest addition is a goofy purple face.

For adults, the Snapchat Lenses are hilarious, but for kids the results are borderline traumatic.

Here’s how you can use the Snapchat Lenses to take your selfies to the next level. You need to be running the latest Snapchat update. Open the app and use the front-facing camera.

When on the camera long press on your face. Simply tapping will not work. When it is ready you will see a wireframe show briefly on top of your face. If you want to do it to someone else, simply tap on their face.

You can see the results when you move your mouth or when you raise your eyebrows depending on the Snapchat Lenses you choose to use. Once you have it ready, you can record a Snap of it.

The Snapchat Lenses only work on newer devices, so if you cannot get this to work your phone may be too old.

Check out some examples of the Snapchat Lenses in the slides below.

How to Use New Snapchat Lenses

Scream Snapchat Lens

Scream Snapchat Lens

Use the Scream Snapchat Lenses option to make your eyes pop and your mouth go wide. Activate by opening your mouth. Move your head slightly to exxagerate the effect. 

When you open your mouth the phone will make a scream, so keep that in mind while recording. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

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