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Apps to Watch the Presidential Debate on iPhone, iPad or Android



Tonight Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will spare off in the first presidential debate of 2012, and users who can’t find a TV can tune in to the October 3rd presidential debate on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

The presidential debate will air on most major news channels starting at 9 PM Eastern, but users who can’t get to a TV can watch or listen to the debates on their smartphones or game consoles.

In addition to watching the debates on the iPhone or Android, users can find out whether candidates are speaking the truth with commentary and fact checking from NPR and other sources.

Where to Watch the Presidential Debate on iPhone & Android

The debates are one of the first off-script events of the 2012 campaign, and for voters looking to see where candidates stand it’s a good place to get a look at the current stances on policies and topics.

Watch the Presidential Debates on YouTube

ABC News will stream the Presidential Debates live on YouTube, offering mobile users a chance to watch the debates live on the go.

The Presidential Debates should work in the new YouTube app in iOS 6, but if the live stream fails there users can temporarily uninstall it to watch the debates on YouTube live in the Safari browser. This is actually the best place to watch the Presidential debates on the iPad.

Android users can tune in through the YouTube app by visiting the ABC News channel on YouTube. This will stream in the Android YouTube app.

Presidential Debates on Ustream with PBS


Watch Presidential Debate on iPad

Watch Presidential Debate on iPad, iPhone or Android.

PBS’s Jim Lehrer moderates the Presidential debates tonight, and PBS’ Ustream page will be streaming the debates live.

Users simply need to visit PBS News Hour on Ustream to see live coverage of the debate. The video stream should work on mobile devices without the need for an app.

Listen to the Presidential Debates in the NPR App

NPR will also be streaming the Presidential debate and coverage starting at 8:30 eastern to mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Watch Presidential Debate iPhone

NPR covers the presidential debate.

Users can tune in to a local NPR station to hear the debate coverage, streaming over the data connection for users that can’t tune in a NPR station on a radio.

NPR will also be covering the debates on their site with chat and commentary. Users are asked to tweet proof of candidate errors to @acarvin with #factcheck

Users can also watch the Presidential Debates on the Xbox 360, or stream the debates from an iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV to watch them on an HDTV without the need for a cable subscription.



  1. airlinE

    10/03/2012 at 9:51 am

    will it be streaming live on the internet.I want a bigger screen than the iphone

  2. Sophie Rachel

    10/04/2012 at 3:30 am

    Cool apps. Are they only US based, or can we have all the speeches heard and watched from any country?



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