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What I Want From The Samsung Galaxy Note 2



I’ve already shared some thoughts about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and what consumers should expect and not expect from the upcoming sequel to Samsung’s original phablet, but now I wanted to share my personal expectations for a device that hopes to live up to the hype.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most anticipated Android devices in recent memory and Samsung plans to take the wraps off of it at an event on August 29th. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, depending on how you look at things, Samsung has managed to keep the device under wraps despite all of the attention leaving us all clueless about its real form.

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My expectations are high for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t, like many of you, come up with a wish list containing the features that I want to see from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. As I’ve said before, I am going to be a hard sell but if the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 combines the features below, there is a chance, albeit a small one, that I might cave and pick one up.

Here are my expectations for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

HD Display

One of the things that was missing on the original Samsung Galaxy Note was a high-definition display. Not surprising given the the amount of devices coming out at the time with non-HD displays but discouraging nonetheless, especially for a device with a large screen perfect for viewing media.

So, pretty much above all else, I want an HD display on the Galaxy Note 2. That way, I could enjoy sports highlights, movies, TV shows and more in high definition, on-the-go.

Fortunately, this feature is likely to be on board the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when it arrives.

Verizon Model

Another big feature I want is support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Plenty of people out there wanted a Verizon version of the original Galaxy Note and it’s my hope that Samsung and Verizon deliver this time around.

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The main reason is because of how large the Verizon 4G LTE network is at the moment. I want to be able to take my Galaxy Note 2 virtually anywhere in the United States and have access to 4G LTE data speeds which clock in at 10 times faster than regular old 3G.


My Galaxy Note 2 would have a Verizon logo on board.

AT&T and Sprint have 4G LTE networks in place but they are moving at a snails pace as far as expansion is concerned.

Humongous Battery

The original Galaxy Note had a sizable 2500 mAh battery but between the display and the 4G LTE speeds, it needed more. In my experiences with the device, I was able to suck the battery right out of it doing things I love to do on my smartphone and tablet.

Things like play games, watch videos, and surf the web for extended periods of time.

Samsung has the opportunity to make stark improvement in the battery life area and I truly hope that it does. The rumored flexible AMOLED display helps the cause as that type of screen will allow Samsung to pack in a large battery, something that the Galaxy Note 2 absolutely needs in my opinion.

Lightweight Design

The original Galaxy Note was only about 178g’s and the Galaxy Note 2 should not go anywhere over that. In fact, I would love a device that’s as light as a feather. For a device that’s half tablet and half phone, it shouldn’t be any sort of a burden inside my pocket or bag.

The Motorola Atrix HD is a device that is 148g and feels even lighter than that.

I expect something similar from the Galaxy Note 2.

Amazing Cameras

I want to take beautiful images and videos and look at them on a massive, HD display. It’s as simple as that.

I also want to be able use the device’s front-facing camera anywhere.

Remember, the Galaxy Note with its large screen and 4G LTE data speeds is the ultimate productivity tool and an HD front-facing camera would allow for me to easily communicate with co-workers, family and friends while on the go, without looking absolutely terrible.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

The last piece to my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 puzzle is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google’s latest piece of mobile software. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the previous version of Android, was good. However, Jelly Bean is far and away better and I’ve taken a liking to it after using the Nexus 7 for awhile.

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The UI is extremely fast and smooth, its offline Voice dictation helps with work while on the go, Google Now is weirdly awesome, and I love that I can re-size widgets if need be.

I want all of that on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 out of the box. If Samsung chooses to release Android 4.1 Jelly Bean down the road for the device, the device may lose my attention during the wait.

What do you want from the Galaxy Note 2?



  1. nobody important

    08/14/2012 at 12:22 pm

    The flexible screen is a big deal to me. Not because I want to bend it into all kinds of shapes to impress people. I would like to know that if the NOTE2 is in my hip pocket when I sit down in my car, that I’m not going to break the device.

    • Allritch Tessono

      08/14/2012 at 2:48 pm

      I hate to say it but you wont be able to bend the actual device itself. You will just a durable touchscreen. Although I am expecting to be a bit brighter than the Galaxy S3. i heard it’s supposed to hit at least 360 ppi.

  2. nobody important

    08/14/2012 at 12:27 pm

    Oh, also, I’d love it if I don’t have to spend all my time looking for an opportunity to recharge like a shark looks for food.

    Lastly, if Sprint doesn’t pick it up, I am going to go into the nearest Sprint store and pee on their wall.

    • kyr

      08/14/2012 at 3:23 pm

      hell ya sprint needs this phone also i want to see less bevel so that the screen can be bigger without the device getting bigger. and just my opinion but get rid of touchwiz. touchwiz is the one thing which makes me hate samsung

  3. twospirits

    08/15/2012 at 6:48 am

    This is going to be long, so might as well get some coffee. :)

    In reference to the points of this article, What I would like to see in the 2nd Generation Note would be
    I agree a HD display would be an enhancement.

    2-Mult-Carrier Availability
    While the article is more geared to wanting the device on Verizon only, I believe that Samsung will follow the same format that the S3 has and be available on all 4 major US carriers. VAt&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile. Although T-Mobile just recieved the 1st generation Note, that may mean that it will get the 2nd Gen note further down the line or be another carrier entirely like MetroPCS.

    3-Longer battery Life.
    Yes, a longer lasting battery. Its not so much that LTE comes into play, but with such an increase in display one tends to do much more with the device, such as web email, games etc. A regular user end up being a power user with this thing, thus the battery gets drain faster.

    Well, for a device as big as the Note, it would be nice to have more rounded out corners like the Galaxy S3, but from seeing recent bexel photos, it doesn’t look like it will.
    I would prefer that it did.

    5-Updated Camera/video
    personnally i would love better stabilzation in both photos and video. The burst mode of the S3 and the capabilites of sharing them would be nice on the Note 2.

    6-The OS will be 4.0 but if they can manage to squeeze in Jelly Bean before the actual reslease, it would be awesome.

    Now on to my own wishes..

    A-Dual speakers
    For such a big phone/mini tablet, its amazing that it only had one speaker.
    It should have two. One on the bottom of the phone and one on top. This way, when you are in landscape mode the sound would be much better. Better yest make it quad. one on each side of the device. (But that may make it more bulkier).

    B:While the main Home button will be as usual (in the International version), I feel that the remaining ones should be designed to allow use of the S-Pen.

    C:Speaking of those buttons, for the US versions, have them programmable so that the user can via a setting, select what their function would be. Currently its “Menu, Home, Back and Search”. With it being programmable, the user can make it any way they like.

    D:A dedicated Camera Button
    Most users use both hands to take a picture in landscape mode. But as big as the Note is, it would be beneficial to have a dedicated button to take pics to keep the phone more steady.

    E:Dual Mics / Noise Cancellation
    Much like the dual speakers, It should have dual mics. This would enhance noise cancellation .

    F: S-Pen enhanced
    Have the S-Pen double as a bluetooth headset.

    Of course, all of these features are my personal fantasy and most likely would be available until version 5 of the Note.

  4. Wind

    08/16/2012 at 10:30 am

    Original Galaxy Note DID have a HD display! 1280×800? You don’t approve that as HD?
    Or maybe you meant “full HD”? I doubt. 1600×900 or 1600×1000 would be great, but 1920×1080 would be just too much, that is over 400ppi.

    • twospirits

      08/16/2012 at 6:20 pm

      Yeah i mean full HD and while it may be overkill to have that resolution, i wouldn’t mind seeing it.


  5. Wind

    08/17/2012 at 5:02 am

    Well it would be great even if it had “only” 1600×900.

  6. boe

    09/08/2012 at 6:56 am

    I would buy this sucker today on Verizon and pay full price for it. Verizon it is fine to carry crappy second rate phones but no one leaves a carrier for a crap phone – people switched carriers to get the iphone and the Galaxy SII. The Note is the top of its class as well. Just get the damn thing and stop pissing off your customers.

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