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What Mobile Gaming Looks Like in 2011 – Infographic



Mobile gaming has exploded alongside the rapid growth of smartphones. No longer are these powerful pocket companions relegated to email and business functions. With beautiful displays and powerful processors our Android and iOS devices are replacing the single use devices from Nintendo and Sony as our mobile time wasters.

GeekaPhone has rounded up some interesting stats on mobile gaming from 2011, and whipped them up into an infographic that highlights how much we are using our smartphones and tablets for gaming, both on the iPhone and iPad and on Android devices.

We’ve already looked at how iPad games like Infinity Blade owe their roots to 8-bit games, and shown you the top 10 best Gameloft games, which bring impressive graphics and gaming to both iPhone and Android. Now, we want to show you a broader look at mobile gaming.

Some of the most interesting stats about mobile gaming include;

  •  The mobile gaming industry is expected to hit $11 Million in 2014, up from $8 million this year.
  • Male and Female mobile gamers are equally split, with a spike in female gaming among 35 to 44 year olds.
  • 81% of all downloads are free, 51% of the top grossing games are free.
  • In-Game purchases are expected to overtake pay per download games by 2013.
  • The free version of Angry Birds makes an estimated $1 Million a month in ads.
  • 84% of Tablet owners play games.
  • 46% of BlackBerry owners have no games.

GeekaPhone Mobile Gaming Infographic:

mobile gaming infographic stats

A look at the state of mobile gaming from GeekaPhone.

Does the data shown here reflect the way you game and use your mobile devices? It is certainly representative of how I use my smartphones and tablets while I am on the go. As for my Nintendo DS, it sits neglected in a drawer gathering dust. If only Nintendo would offer an Android app full of classics, I’d be set for life.

Via Digitalbuzzblog

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