What Toys-to-Life We Expect at E3 2015: Skylanders & More
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What Toys-to-Life We Expect at E3 2015: Skylanders & More



Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity

Disney is a relative pro at the toys-to-life category. This year's Disney Infinity 3.0 marks the third year in a row the company has delivered a fresh line-up of game play experiences and characters.

Disney plans to add a new version of Mickey Mouse and a three-pack of figures to tie into its new movie Inside Out. What's attracting the most attention this year is Star Wars. Every Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack includes an Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka figure to use in the game. There are three distinct Disney Infinity campaigns to experience and you can add even more variety to them with extra Star Wars specific figures like Yoda, Darth Vader. There's no way Disney doesn't talk more about the new game and line up at E3 2015.

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