What Toys-to-Life We Expect at E3 2015: Skylanders & More
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What Toys-to-Life We Expect at E3 2015: Skylanders & More





Nintendo's Amiibo figures were fresh at E3 2014. The longtime video game developer approached the toys-to-life category from an entirely different angle. Instead of tying figures to a single game, Amiibo figures are compatible across Nintendo's portfolio.

Nintendo Amiibo figures use NFC technology to communicate directly with the Wii U GamePad and the new Nintendo 3DS handheld. The initial rollout of Amiibo has been a logistical disaster for Nintendo. High-demand and compatibility with many of its most popular titles means that there are a huge amount of shoppers unable to get their favorite figures.

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Earlier this year Nintendo revealed a new plan to help alleviate this issue, one it'll likely talk more about at E3 2015. At the same time as its introducing an external Amiibo reader for gamers with systems not compatible already, Nintendo is rolling out new Amiibo cards that should be easier for it to produce. They're due out soon and Nintendo needs to show fans that it has a plan to address the series issue facing Amiibo buyers today. Also, expect more games and more announcements concerning Amiibo, and maybe even a way of bringing Amiibo figures to their coming mobile offerings.

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