When All Else Fails, Complain on Twitter for Better Customer Support (Time Warner)

Too often when we get poor customer service, we have no real recourse, but after months of a Time Warner HD issue I found help via the Time Warner Cable Help account on Twitter, which is on track to fix my HD cable pixelation and slating problem.

We’ve called Time Warner support and have had various Time Warner technicians out over the years, but practically gave up after one tech told us the best solution was to use the dual tuners in our DVR to record the HD and the SD version of a show. It seems like the problem would improve after certain techs came by to work, but after calling support a few times over the last year we had given up on having anyone come out to the apartment because we couldn’t take off work and due to the past poor support. While on the phone, we hadn’t been offered a remote diagnostic of our signal.

In some cases we had resorted to watching the Time Warner Cable iPad app because Time Warner Cable HD was un-watchably bad. Check out the clip we recorded of of our Time Warner Cable HD quality:

Fast Forward to this weekend, when even the Time Warner On Demand was giving us troubles. Exasperated, I sent a Tweet to the TWCableHelp account on Twitter which was staffed on a Saturday afternoon and by an incredibly helpful individual. Within a few minutes he had checked and determined that the, “Incoming signal at the bottom of the range. Probably low enough to cause tiling.”

This was a welcome diagnosis, because it meant the tech who comes out will know what is wrong and what to fix instead of troubleshooting random items. The Time Warner Cable Twitter support team was able to set up an appointment for me right over Twitter and even offered a tech visit on Easter Sunday at 8 AM, which we passed on. We are waiting for the Time Warner Cable tech to arrive tomorrow, but we are already hopeful that our problem will be solved.

Tips for Getting Better Customer Service on Twitter

  • State your problem without being a whiner – I’ve tweeted my share of Whining complaining tweets, but get better help when I state my problem and ask for help.
  • Send the message to the company help account – Many companies have dedicated social media support teams. Google the company name and support to start the search. Just make sure the account is real. When in doubt, check the company website. Popular accounts are @TWCableHelp and @ComcastCares.
  • Be Specific about your problem – Don’t just say that the service sucks, tell the company what is wrong. If you have space tell them how they can help fix it.