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Which iPhone Xs Color to Buy: Silver, Space Gray or Gold?



You can finally buy a gold iPhone Xs or Xs Max, bringing the total iPhone Xs color options to three. There is still no Jet Black or Product(RED) iPhone Xs color, but you can go gold this year. With another choice in the works, we’re here to help you decide which iPhone Xs color to buy. Here’s everything you need to think about before you buy.

Ultimately the color you buy is a very personal choice, and there are fewer catches to picking a color than with older iPhone models.

iPhone Xs Color Options

Which iPhone XS color should you buy?

Which iPhone XS color should you buy?

Apple sells the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max in three colors. We see Silver and Space Gray return, and now Apple adds in a Gold iPhone Xs color to the mix. That’s a nice option and it matches up with what buyers could pick with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

On older iPhone models Apple used a white or a black front plate. This time around, Apple is not doing that. With almost no bezel on the front of the iPhone XS and Xs Max the only color differences are on the back and sides of the phone.

Normally we would say to make sure you get a black front plate so that it basically disappears when you are watching a movie or gaming, but that’s no longer an issue to worry about since all the fronts are black.

iPhone XS Color Wear & Discoloration

No matter which iPhone Xs color you choose, it will stand up to abuse well.

No matter which iPhone Xs color you choose, it will stand up to abuse well.

The two biggest concerns about buying a lighter iPhone Xs color like silver or gold is that the back may change colors over time. Wether this is through wear or discoloration, it’s something many buyers are worried about.

This was definitely an issue on the aluminum back iPhones, which we saw discolor from moisture or sweat and that could show scratches and other wear easier in many cases, but it’s much less of an issue with a glass back.

Apple switched back to a glass back for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and that same design continues with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max with a new stronger glass. This glass protects the underlying color from wear, fading and discoloration.

Our various iPhones in Silver, Space Gray and Gold held up well with the glass back design. Ultimately there is a chance that the bands on the Phone X will scratch, but that hasn’t been a major issue with the iPhone X, and we don’t expect that it will be a problem with the iPhone Xs either. The video above shows off the iPhone 8, which uses the same glass back.

  • Don’t let worries about discoloration influence your iPhone Xs color choice.
  • If Scratches worry you, pick silver, but it shouldn’t be a major deal with any color you choose.

Which Color if You Will Use an iPhone Xs Case

The iPhone Xs color you pick matters less if you plan to use an iPhone Xs case, but it is still something you need to consider when picking out your new iPhone. We’re seeing many more clear, or partially clear iPhone Xs case options and even if you plan to put a normal iPhone Xs case on your iPhone you may want to consider the color you pick.

If you pick a Space Gray iPhone Xs, like I plan to, it allows the case to be the standout part of your experience. This opens up a lot of ways to accessorize the iPhone Xs. Users that like to switch up colors often should consider this option.

When it comes to letting the case blend in, you should consider the silver iPhone Xs color option. This is the most neutral option out there, and it allows your iPhone to mesh well with about any color or type of case.

The Gold iPhone Xs is perfect if you want a stylish option that has a little bit of flash, or if you plan to buy a clear case that can highlight your new gold iPhone Xs Max.

Who Should Buy Silver

If you want your iPhone XS color option to blend into the background, the Silver color is your best bet. While it isn’t bland, it’s not going to stand out like gold or Space Gray. This is also a good option if you like the look of the old school iPhone. It’s not exactly the same, but it is as close as you will get.

Silver is the second choice among Gotta Be Mobile readers in previous years, and anecdotally it was the color we saw in person more with the iPhone X.

Who Should Buy Gold

You should buy the gold iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max if you want the phone that is clearly the new iPhone. It’s also a great option if you are looking for a fashionable and stylish looking iPhone Xs color that makes a statement on it’s own.

While the Space Gray and Silver iPhone X color options aren’t a fashion faux pas, they don’t offer the same look and appeal. The gold iPhone Xs is clearly the go to option for users that want to stand out.

Who Should Buy Space Gray

Space Gray is the most popular iPhone color choice among Gotta Be Mobile readers year after year. This is the only option I personally consider because I love the look of the darker iPhone Xs, how it matches my Apple Watch and my MacBook.

There is a chance that this will show scratches a little more than the silver or gold iPhone Xs, but over the last year with the Space Gray iPhone X, this hasn’t been an issue.

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