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White Nexus 4 Video Appears on Eve of Google I/O



The long-rumored and elusive white Nexus 4 has seemingly appeared on video today, just a day before Google takes over the Moscone Center in San Francisco for Google I/O, an event that could potentially be the launching pad for a number of new products.

The white Nexus 4 has been spotted numerous times in the past, however thus far, the device has remained in the shadows with LG and Google seemingly content with offering the black Nexus 4 variant on its Google Play Store. In the past few weeks though, we’ve seen white colored versions of the Nexus 4 crop up, most recently in photos that were determined to be unauthentic. And today, the device, or what appears to be a white Nexus 4, has popped up on video on the eve of Google I/O.

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TechView happened upon a white Nexus 4 at an event in Dubai. The device popped up at a Qualcomm booth and it appears, from the looks of things, to be the real deal. The leak is similar to the previous leaks that we’ve seen which have included the familiar crystal looking back that is found on the other version of the Nexus 4. This one, of course, has a white hue to it.

A white Nexus 4 may or may not be joining the black variant.

A white Nexus 4 may or may not be joining the black variant.

Other than the color, and what appear to be the lack of little nubs on the bottom of the device, this resembles the current version of the Nexus 4 that is currently on shelves. What this means for Google I/O is unclear and it could just be that it’s simply a coincidence that this device has been outed a day before the start of Google’s developer conference.

The white Nexus 4 has appeared on video on the eve of Google I/O.

The white Nexus 4 has appeared on video on the eve of Google I/O.

There is also no sign of 32GB of storage space or LTE support, two things that have been rumored to be coming with a Nexus 4 LTE at Google I/O.

Whether Google has something Nexus 4 related up its sleeve for Google I/O remains to be seen but given that we’ve seen an increasing number of leaks and several retailers in the UK disappear the Nexus 4 from shelves, it’s certainly possible that a white Nexus 4 or something else could be waiting in the wings.

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