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Why a Late iPhone 5S & iPad 5 Release is Great for Android Users



Apple’s iPad 5 release is on track for the holiday season and the iPhone 5S release could arrive as early as September, but for app developers and case makers the lack of new Apple products in 2013 is causing a drop in sales. Android users could stand to benefit from the shift in Apple’s release cycle.

As companies who depend on new Apple products adjust to a less predictable iPhone and iPad release cycle, they are putting efforts into making Android apps and accessories.

Some of this growth started earlier this year when we started to see a big jump in the number of cases for Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, and it could carry over to the Nexus 7 2, Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max.

With no major iPhone or iPad release so far this year, case makers and app makers are turning to Android.

With no major iPhone or iPad release so far this year, case makers and app makers are turning to Android.

Since the first iPad release in April 2010, Apple’s release cycle included a spring iPad release and a summer or fall iPhone release, spreading a collection of new Apple products out over the course of a year.

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In 2012 this changed with the introduction of a slightly updated iPad 4, but there was still hope for a brand new iPad 5 release as early as spring 2013. As Summer draws to a close, companies are preparing for a future that may not include new Apple products spaced throughout the year.

Late iPad 5 Release Means Better Android Apps

The best apps often arrive on iPhone first, and when they do come to Android they often don’t come with the same polish. In an interview with Mashable, Denys Zhadanov the Marketing Manager at Readdle shared sales figures showing a drop in app sales during spring 2013, compared to spring 2012. Zhadanov explains the drop telling Mashable, “The lack of the new iPad model this spring had a pretty noticeable effect on our sales.”

Readdle shares app sales data which is down this Spring without a new iPad release.

Readdle shares app sales data which is down this spring without a new iPad release.

Without the iPad 5 release bringing new customers the Readdle took a hit, which Mashable reports has developer looking into making Android apps. This is good news for Android users who might see Scanner Pro for Android or Calendars+ for Android arriving sometime soon. While Apple is likely to release the iPad 5, iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2 this year, there are many more Android smartphones and tablets with releases spread out over the calendar.

This is only one app, but if other developers experience the same dip in sales while Apple’s iPad 5 release is pushed back to the fall it could kickstart an influx of new Android apps in late 2013 or early 2014.

Apple Case Makers Turn to Android

OtterBox and DODOCase both upped their game this year to contend with a lack of an iPad 5 release in the spring and a fall iPhone 5S launch.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 OtterBox announced a plethora of cases and screen protectors and according to OtterBox with all the Galaxy S4 accessories announced OtterBox has, “more cases and colors available for this device than we do for any other.”

OtterBox offers more Android case options this year.

OtterBox offers more Android case options this year.

DODOcase also delivers a bigger collection of Android cases with the DODOcase Durables and other DODO case options for Android tablets.

The DODOcase Durables line includes a wallet case for the Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3 as well as a case for the Nexus 7. DODOcase also offers several popular iPad and iPad mini cases for the Nexus 7, as shown below.

More Android case options from DODOcase are already here.

More Android case options from DODOcase are already here.

This trend will likely continue as the Nexus 7 2 arrives this month and as we see devices like the Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Ultra come to market this fall.

Apple saw the benefit of a holiday release in 2012, selling 47 million iPhones and 22 million iPads during the holiday shopping season. This is an increase of 29% for iPhone sales and 48% for iPads over the previous holiday shopping season. If Apple’s fall product launches add up to the same success this could be the new norm and companies that make money on Apple releases may adjust by bringing their goods to Android.

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1 Comment

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    07/22/2013 at 12:32 pm

    Didn’t apple say that they aren’t going to release to many products in 2013 until the end of the year and that 2014 is going to be filled with new products all year long case companies will go back

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