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Windows 8 Buzz Mostly Positive, Better Than Competitors [Infographic]



Social media listening service Mashwork has been listening to the buzz around Windows 8 and has turned that noise into a new infographic showing us what people are saying about Windows 8, particularly on tablets and how it compares to the competition.

Full details in the spiffy graphic below. Of note is the near even split between chatter over running Windows 8 on tablets vs. desktops and laptops, showing just how much the tablet form factor has caught up in terms of awareness. Comparisons to iOS and Android were also common with Windows 8 coming out on top for both.

Only thing I find peculiar is the attention paid to boot time, dominating a third of tweets about features, even though it’s really a renamed combo of log off, hibernate, and resume. Meanwhile, Metro scooped only a fifth of the feature-driven buzz. Odd given the reaction seems so tablet-centric.

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