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Wolfenstein 2 Problems & How to Fix Them



Here’s what to do if you run into any Wolfenstein 2 problems. There are a few annoying Wolfenstein 2 errors and some settings you may want to change for better performance. This breakdown walks through what you need to do to get Wolfenstein 2 working right on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Wolfenstein 2 problems aren’t impacting all users, and don’t detract from the high score that this game earned in reviews, but some users will need to take a few steps to get everything out of the game that they can.

We’ve uncovered some Wolfenstein 2 problems relating to the Episode Zero bonus, Performance, game saves, lag on 4K, and game crash issues. You shouldn’t have any issues with online connectivity since this is a single player story driven game.

How to fix common Wolfenstein 2 problems.

How to fix common Wolfenstein 2 problems.

Can’t Play Wolfenstein 2 Episode Zero

The Wolfenstein 2 Episode Zero pre-order bonus is not available until November 7th. If you try to play it now, you will not be able to play. While you may see a link for the special mission, you will not be able to redeem your code until October 30th, when the redemption page goes live.

There aren’t any real Wolfenstein 2 Episode Zero problems, it’s just not available to download yet, or to redeem. Once it is available the content should automatically download to your console or PC if you have automatic downloads enabled.

How to Fix Wolfenstein 2 Performance Problems

If you have Wolfenstein 2 performance problems on PC, you should make sure you have the right specs to play the game. If you do, you may need to update your graphics card drivers. You may also need to make sure that your system is using the right GPU to play the game. Go to the NVIDIA Control Panel or the AMD Catalyst Control Panel to check that your more powerful GPU is in use.

You may need to change your power settings to High performance. Click on the battery in the task bar, choose more power options and then choose High Performance. You should also plug in to power.

If you still have performance problems, you need to change the in game settings.

  • Open Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and navigate to the main menu.
  • Navigate to Settings, then Video.
  • Lower the Resolution.
  • Change the Anti-Aliasing settings.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can check out the Wolfenstein 2 forums for more input from other gamers, or contact Bethesda support.

How to Fix Wolfenstein 2 Quest Objectives Missing in Journal

If you reload a save in the New Orleans District Mission – Lakeview, you may find that you cannot see your quest objectives in the Journal anymore. You can fix this without waiting for an update.

Leave and then fo back into the District Mission and that will fix this issue so that you can see objectives in the journal.

How to Fix Can’t Delete Wolfenstein 2 Saves

Some users are not able to delete game saves in the game menus. This is a known issue and there is a workaround. Instead of opening the game, you can delete the game saves in the Save Data Utility on PS4, the Save Game Folder on PC or under Manage Game on Xbox One.

How to Fix Mein Leben Difficulty Problems

Users who aren’t familiar with the Mein Leben difficulty setting on Wolfenstein 2 may run into issues with saves, achievements and using this toughest difficulty mode.

If you can’t access it, you need to first beat the game on any other difficulty mode. That unlocks the Wolfenstein 2 Mein Leben difficulty.

Some players may lose game saves after playing on Mein Leben difficulty. To avoid this, you should start a completely new progression slot for this option.

If you don’t get the achievement for beating Wolfenstein 2 on Mein Leben, you may have played part of the game on another setting. You must beat the game on this difficulty without changing the difficulty options at all.

How to Fix Wolfenstein 2 Lag on 4K TVs

If you run into input lag while playing Wolfenstein 2 on a 4K TV, you need to adjust your TV settings. This isn’t just for Wolfenstein 2, but for games in general. If your character reacts just a little too slow on screen to your button presses you need to grab your TV remote and change options.

Look for Auto Smoothing and turn that off. You may need to look for the best settings for gaming on your 4K TV to learn exactly which options to turn off for the best performance. This will help all of your games, not just Wolfenstein 2.

How to Fix Wolfenstein 2 PC Problems

How to fix common Wolfenstein 2 problems on PC.

How to fix common Wolfenstein 2 problems on PC.

There are a host of other Wolfenstein 2 PC problems that you can fix easily by changing some settings. Here’s a fast rundown of what to do.

  • Fix Wolfenstein 2 PC crashing by updating your NVIDIA drivers.
  • If you can’t exit the periscope on PC, press CTRL instead of Escape.
  • If you are Stuck in Up mode while using a PS4 controller on PC, don’t disconnect it while playing. If you did, plug it on or pause the game with the keyboard.
  • If you can’t launch the game on Windows 8.1 with an AMD driver, you are in trouble because AMD no longe supports that version of Windows with driver updates.
  • Fix missing Hud elements after resizing by saving resolution settings and then exiting the game and restarting.
  • Fix crashing while using two monitors by picking an aspect ratio supported by the main monitor instead of one that can’t handle one screen in landscape and another in portrait mode.

Here’s more on the known PC Wolfenstein 2 problems and how you can fix them on your own. There are no glaring issues yet, but like many games you will need to do a little work to get things running smoothly on your PC.

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