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WP Clock is An Awesome Live Wallpaper Clock for Android



Forget widgets. If you want a beautiful clock for your Android homescreen, you should look at a live wallpaper like WP Clock.

This affordable Android app works on pretty much any Android phone that supports live wallpapers and puts a beautiful looking clock on your homescreen without taking up valuable screen space.

Sure, you won’t want to put icons over the entire clock, but I still prefer this over the Beautiful Widgets widget I had been using.

Unlike many live wallpapers, WP Clock has been very good on battery life, even on the Galaxy Nexus.

WP Clock Android Live Wallpaper

WP Clock is a live wallpaper clock for Android phones.

If you want to test out the WP Clock app there is a free version of WP Clock on the market with fewer options.

I sprung for the product version, which is only $1,  and allows you to customize the placement, font,  color and more. If you have the Galaxy Nexus, you’ll need this paid version to put the clock in the center of your screen.

To customize the placement,  tap on Appearance -> Position -> for geeks : Y value (px) -> 300.

This will put the clock in the center of your screen, below the Galaxy Nexus’ ever present Google Search bar.

I chose to get rid of the Google Search bar on my Galaxy Nexus by using the Nova Launcher that Chris shard in his Custom Galaxy Nexus Setup. I’m happy with the extra space, but it does make me miss the search button found on previous versions of Android.

Have you tried WP Clock? Do you like it, or do you prefer widgets?

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  1. Greenllem

    01/14/2012 at 3:25 am

    Hi WP CLOCK masters.

    I like so mutch this aplication, but not is compatible with the another aplication I like. This app is Circle Launcher, I like mutch that’s thats Launcher but will to have WPClock too.

    Please make a solution to be compatible that’s apps.

    Thnx about read that’s coment.

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